At Air Filter On Demand, we understand that keeping track of the specifics of your HVAC filtration can be a daunting task. That’s why we developed our simplified process flow – an automated system that lets us address the difficulties and provide a meaningful and valuable service to our clients. Let’s take a look at some of those difficulties, and then just how Air Filter On Demand can address them:

Defining the Maintenance Schedule:

The initial difficulty to keep track of is just how often to actually change your filter or filters. Incomplete and varied information practically ensures that you will not be getting your money’s worth out of your HVAC system. With Air Filter On Demand, we will take all manner of data about your system: real-time pressure drops, current vs. historical performance, analytical air quality comparisons, and data about industry top performers. This will help us determine a perfect schedule to change the filters of your HVAC system.

Purchasing the Right Filter:

Keeping track of brands, sizes, and usage amounts can often result in the use of multiple vendors and spending too much money. We simplify that process by using our data to help determine the best possible filters for your system and automatically taking care of the order process for you.

Receiving and Inventory Storage:

Air filters often need to be ordered by the case and, especially if multiple sizes are required, can take up substantial amounts of storage space. In addition, inventory often gets shuffled around and can be difficult to keep track of electronically. At Air Filter On Demand, we only ship what is needed with every filter change, so you don’t need to find a place to store your filters or keep an inventory.

Actual Act of Filter Replacement:

It can often be difficult to remember where every filter is located in your system, let alone which size filter goes where. We will specifically map out your system, complete with filter specifics for each filter location, to keep your system running at its most efficient and cost-effective.

Proof of Replacement:

Automated updates are included with every install, detailing exactly what changes were made to keep you in the loop. In addition, our cloud-based data will be routinely updated and sent to each individual customer, guaranteeing that your system is running at peak performance.

Updating the Maintenance Schedule:

This process is often overlooked, but not by us. As HVAC systems age or are updated, their efficiency changes as well. Using our real-time data analytics, Air Filter On Demand is able to analyze and discuss changes with you that will increase the efficiency of your system, and we can change your delivery schedule as needed.


Remembering to track and reorder filters can be a huge issue, leading to labor and inventory inefficiency and added cost to you. Since our process is entirely automated, these extra costs are a non-issue for our customers. Never worry again about when you need to order more filters.

Keeping your HVAC system running efficiently is an important factor in any home or business, and Air Filter On Demand wants to make that process as simple, cost-efficient, and painless as possible. Check out our website at to find out how we can keep your system running at peak efficiency.