One of the main benefits of routinely changing the air filter on your HVAC system is the health benefits that come with having clean air in your home or business. At Air Filter On Demand, we understand that clean air is important to health, and we want you to be able to breathe easy on a regular basis. Here are a few of the benefits of clean air:

Taking care of allergens:

Allergies can wreak havoc on everyone if you do not regularly change your air filter. Things like animal hair and dander, pollen, dust mites, and mold spores can all get caught in air filters and need to regularly be cycled out. Our simplified process flow helps us analyze your system so that it can run at peak efficiency, and we regularly monitor the air flow and quality in your HVAC system in order to make sure it is removing allergens from the air.

Curbing asthma:

Asthma can be a completely debilitating disease, and the CDC reports that one in twelve Americans, or about 8% of the entire population, suffered from asthma in 2009, and that number in the United States continues to increase. Of those suffering from asthma, about 50% will experience a severe asthma attack in a calendar year. Asthma attacks can largely be avoided by limiting exposure to triggers. Air pollution, pollen, and mold are some of the triggers that can lead to asthma attacks, and regularly changing your HVAC filtration can limit the number of these particles that are in the air of your home or business. At Air Filter On Demand, we want to help protect an already at-risk population.

Limiting other disease-causing particles:

Several research agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, American Heart Association, and the National Academy of Sciences, all agree that air pollution causes significant health problems in the United States. In fact, a recent study by the Environmental Protection Agency shows that small particles in the air have caused thousands of hospitalizations and contributed to thousands of premature deaths every year. These air particles contribute to serious health problems like strokes and heart attacks. Put the health of the people that matter most to you at the forefront; Air Filter On Demand will work with you to come up with a practical solution to changing your HVAC filtration on a regular basis.

The health benefits of changing your HVAC filters on a regular basis are astronomical. Keep your family, customers, and loved ones as healthy as possible by signing up with Air Filter on Demand.