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We properly define the filter replacement schedule based on real-time pressure drop, facility pressure (+/-) retention by zone, indoor and outdoor airborne particulate data pre and post filter, analytical KPI facility air-quality comparisons of current state vs. historical and industry top performers, and exactly when each filter was last changed.

We simplifies your procurement by providing automated replenishment based upon agreed filter replacement intervals and ship only what is required for each maintenance cycle based on air analytics data from your facility.

With each filters pre-labeled, which is custom, assigned to each piece of equipment. A workflow maps accompanies each shipment, detailing the location of each filter.

When a QR code is scanned per filter replaced an automated updates are uplinked to the “Cloud”, then performance analytics are updated and delivered to the customer on a routine basis.

This allows the system to no longer necessary as the replenishment process is entirely automated.

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